Review of Conair Infiniti

The Conair Infiniti YOU CURL Curling Wand is an instant styler for curling your hair.  For many of you, it will enable you to curl to perfection. It features Tourmaline Ceramic technology and comes without a clamp, making it easier to pretty yourself up without all those kinks. This review will cover its features so that you can decide whether it is the right curler for you.

The YOU CURL Curling Wand comes with a number of benefits. It heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds flat (hmm…pretty cool Conair). It also is clamp free.  Furthermore, Conair designed this curler in the shape of a barrel, making it easy to hold and use.

It accommodates various hairstyles and thicknesses and gives you four setting options that are adjustable. So when prom night comes around, you can go from the date with the thinnest hair to the most thickly maned beauty (and everywhere in between, without breaking a sweat). The Tourmaline Ceramic technology prevents frizz and static, and the 30-second heat up of the curler can be a fabulous time saver when getting ready in the mornings.

This Conair Infiniti styler comes with a glove that has 3 fingers to wear while curling, enabling you to use the curler safely and effortlessly. It turns off automatically after 60 minutes, and it comes with a cord that has extra length added on to it, making it easier to use and more efficient.

This curler also has a 5-year warranty, making it a non-risky purchase if you’re worried about something going wrong. Buying this curling wand as an addition to your collection of hair toys is a good choice.  Marie Claire has more beauty tips and articles to go along with your new curler.


The 30-second heat-up is as fast as the ads proclaim.  On early mornings when you’re getting ready for a job interview, this will make you a happy curler. The Conair Infiniti can make spiral curls that other irons can’t, and is very easy to use, even on the first try.

It doesn’t give you that weird “first curl” smell and the absence of “clamp marks” is a big relief to users of other irons. As long as you use the heat glove, burns are avoided and the curling process is both safe and easy. Even though it’s different than the average curling iron, this device is not hard to figure out how to use.  Repetitive practice will allow you to become a pro at it before long.


Despite the fact that this curler has a good track record, it’s not for everybody. Anyone who has hair shorter than shoulder length may have difficulty getting enough hair to wrap around the curler, or the hair may not stay correctly. It is also hard to get to the back of your own short hair with the curler, and it’s easy to burn yourself.

For someone with short hair, you may want to try the Hype Hair Ultra-Hot Curling Iron. For anyone doing their own hair, even if it’s long, it can be tricky getting to the opposite side when they’re using their non-dominant hand, so it requires patience and practice. The Off and On button also has the tendency to be sensitive on some curlers, and for a number of customers has shut off mid-curl occasionally, which can be irritating.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Conair Infiniti YOU CURL Curling Wand is a solid product. The thing to remember is that it’s just not for everybody. With the right person doing the right styling, such as a long-haired girl who’s trying for somebody and bouncy curls, it will exceed your expectations and complete your look perfectly.

But if you are someone with shorter hair, or you want the flip-out hair look, this isn’t your curler. If so, check out reviews of short-hair models.  So make sure that you want specifically what this curler provides before you buy it, or else you may be disappointed. But for what it does, this curler ranks near the top of its class.