Review of BaByliss PRO Nano

Let’s talk about the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron! Try saying THAT 3 times fast. But this long name is hardly a drawback when you’re getting a curler as quality as this one. Possibly one of the best products in the business, in this review we’re going to look at the various levels of awesomeness and not-so-much-awesomeness for this particular curling iron.

The BaByliss PRO Nano has a barrel made out of Nano titanium, a superior technology that helps to enhance the use of every styling device. As well as that new and nifty material, BaByliss boasts of its wonderful sol-gel technology. This built-in technology is equipped for better control of the temperature on the curling iron, making it easier for you to adjust it to the desired heat, whether that is a low simmer or scalding hot.

Ok, so these technologies don’t sound that fantastic to the ear that doesn’t understand them. The average person probably won’t jump up and down in joy hearing “Nano titanium with sol-gel tech”. But what IS easy to understand is that this curler can heat up really fast! So when you’re running late or getting ready for a date, this device doesn’t make you wait! And yes, it is so awesome that it rhymes like that. Oh, and it can go up to 450 degrees. You could roast a turkey on that thing! Well you know, if it was shaped more like an oven instead of a curling iron.


This curling iron has turned out to be a pretty handy product. Folks have found the heating up bit to be very satisfactory and as quick as needed. It’s light, easy to use and doesn’t pull or burn your hair when used correctly. If you’ve got hair that is just past shoulder length and you’re looking for some nice, loose curls, then this BaByliss is just perfect for you. It excels in that length and style and works great on both wavy and straight hair.

Despite the fact that it goes up to 450 degrees, it is very good about not drying out people’s hair. Its titanium technology is a trendier way to go and surpasses ceramic for many people. If you’re interested in more tips on hairstyles and beautifying ideas, check out this blog and find more creative ways to use your curling iron.


While this iron works great for certain styles and hair lengths, for some people with thicker hair, it has fallen short. Some customers complain of the grip, so for anyone with a big mane to tame, you may find the hair sliding out instead of holding and curling without lots of practice. It works best if you are looking for a curling iron for fine hair.

If you’re looking for big, spirally curls, while this curling iron may deliver, it isn’t a guarantee that they will last very long throughout the day. Of course, it really does depend on each customer whether or not it works for them.  The BaByliss PRO Nano has disappointed girls with its lack of dependability for thicker hair. It also does not have an auto shut-off, so if you want to avoid burning the house down, turn it off manually.

The Bottom Line

Certainly, the large majority of people who use this BaByliss product are satisfied and acclaim it to be as awesome as it says. Of course, there’s no product that will make everybody happy.  A malfunctioning device or the experience of an untamable head of hair remaining untamable even under the care of this product may put a negative spin on the curling iron.

But it has super cool technology…that works. If you really are a fan of the ceramic material, you may want to check out the Hot Tools Professional Ceramic Titanium Professional Curling Iron, with some very similar features as this product. Though the BaByliss Pro Nano may not be the iron that works for everyone, it is definitely a quality product at a decent price and is one of the best of its kind.