Reasons For Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a bit curious in that it is one of the most popular, but also one of the most commonly misunderstood types of plastic surgery. The popularity, of course, is due in large part to many women’s desire to alter or enhance their breasts for physical and aesthetic reasons, and the misunderstanding stems from a basic social concept that “breast augmentation” always implies that a woman is getting implants.

In fact, however, depending on each individual procedure, the physical difference before and after breast augmentation does not have to reflect enhancement or drastic change, but rather just difference.

There are many different reasons that women look into plastic surgery for their breasts, not all of which are geared toward making them larger. In fact, in most cases proportion and shape are more important to women than simply size.

Breast Reduction Surgery

You may also have heard about breast reduction surgery, which is technically in the same category of plastic surgery as enlargement or augmentation. These procedures are actually very common in women with naturally large breasts who find them uncomfortable, cumbersome, or unattractive. Some of these women even suffer from some physical effects of the weight of their breasts (back problems, for example, are not uncommon, and neck pain and even skin ulcers can also occur), and so this surgery can actually be quite necessary in certain instances.

Doctors can expertly reduce the size of your breasts, resulting in smaller and shapelier breasts that give you a more proportional frame and more comfortable body.

Reconstructive Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgeries are also used frequently in a reconstructive way. There are various diseases, most notably breast cancer, that can result in a woman losing some or all of one or both of their breasts, which can clearly leave a lasting physical consequence.

This can often be a large burden on even the emotional and psychological recovery after such a disease, which is why many women in this situation turn to plastic surgery to get small implants, or to get help reshaping their breasts to regain their form from before the ailment.

Regaining breasts that are similar to those you may have had before your illness can go a long way toward making you feel comfortable with yourself, and also making you feel as if you have truly beaten whatever illness you fought.

Breast Enlargement

Of course, enlargement for the sake of enlargement is also still a very popular procedure, and one that is performed thousands of times each year, for a variety of different reasons. Many women still aspire to have larger breasts than they are naturally gifted with. Ultimately, the fact is that modern surgical methods and experienced doctors are now able to alter the body in very subtle but also very effective ways, meaning that the reasons and circumstances for having breast augmentation are expanding rapidly.

Contact a Local Surgeon

If you are considering undergoing a procedure for any of the reasons listed above, simply contact a surgeon in your area and discuss the details – you will likely be on your way to a very effective change in the near future, and one that can help you to be more comfortable with yourself physically and more pleased with yourself aesthetically.