Different Hair Accessories For Different Occasions

There is no excuse to having boring hair. With so many different hair accessories out there to choose from, anyone can turn their boring ‘do into a trendy and beautiful hair style. If you aren’t sure what hair accessories are right for you, here is a list of the most favorite hair accessories amongst women today:

Straighten your hair with a brush straightener

The best choice is a hair straightening brush, it is 8 times faster than flat irons and will straighten unruly locks in only 5 minutes! It heats up in 15 seconds which is also really fast for such tool. Its ceramic coating and protective tips prevent your scalp from scalding and straight your hair from the roots to the ends. It works great for all hair types. You don’t need to divide it into sections — you can just brush it like with a regular comb, and your hair won’t get tangled.

The Headband

Anyone with any hair style can throw in a headband and completely change up her look in one second flat. A popular headband that is out is a headband that is embellished with a flower on the side. This look has increased in popularity since the show “Gossip Girl” became a hit TV series, and it is only growing in popularity. Many fabric headbands for young children and babies also come with large floral embellishments that are as cute as they are stylish.

Headbands that have crystals and other “shiny” elements included are also a big hit, especially if you have your hair swept up into an up ‘do. Athletes can wear a thin, fabric headband around the very front of their hairline to both look stylish and to keep hair out of their face as they run and sweat, and even basic plastic headbands that you can buy for $1 can easily make your hair go from “blah” to fantastic.

The Hat

With so many hats to choose from, any woman can find a hat that suits both her personality and her looks. Baseball caps are always the most standard of the bunch, and if you choose the right size and style, can look good on virtually anyone. These can be worn directly over your hair, or you can pull the ponytail through the hole in the back if you choose.

A newsboy cap and military cap are also very popular choices these days. These hats look quite casual, but throwing one on can completely transform your look and give you a whole new vibe.

Beanies are also quite popular, especially for snowboarders, skiers, and generally anyone who is into wearing a functional hat that’s also very stylish. Beanies are the head hugging brimless hats that can sometime also come with a visor. These hats fit snugly over one’s head and keep them nice and toasty on a cold winter’s day. You can find a beanie that comes in a knit and color that can suit almost anyone.

The Clip

Banana clips, jaw clips, butterfly clips, barrettes – there are clips for every purpose out there. Clips help us achieve new and different hair styles that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve, and they can also add that extra touch to our hair that makes it look more special and beautiful than it did before. Butterfly clips will always be a necessity for women. These clips help hold back hair (these are essential if you are trying to grow out your bangs) or they can also help add some much needed volume to your hair. If you want to bump your hair without resorting to a “Bump It” product, use your butterfly clips.